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Is time your most important resource?

Get it all done at once!  Meet Shannon face-to-face and get all your answers in one go!

Can you imagine five hours, asking all the questions you need to ask about every area of your life? Each relationship, each health issue, each career choice? Now you have that opportunity!

“Shannon, that was probably the best money I have spent in my whole life! I came in a skeptic, but now I’m completely won over. There is no way you could have known the details to these answers. You’ve clarified everything. It made total sense. AND now I have a tool to do it myself!”

You have been asking to meet Shannon in person for a face-to-face session, not only because a landline is hard to find in South Africa, but also because she does hands-on healing work in addition to providing answers to your toughest personal questions.

You now have two choices: a VIP or a Solo Intensive Session. Both are a intensive, face-to-face, one-on-one sessions.

The Solo Intensive Session runs from 9am until 2 pm and costs R27,500, payable in advance via EFT or Payfast. International clients can pay via PayPal, and the amount in USD is $2,750 at this time.

Here’s the PayPal link: PayPal.Me/ShannonWalbran/2750

EFT for South African clients:
Shannon Walbran
FNB 62581965129
Branch 250655
Reference: your name (“Thandeka Mkhize”)

Credit cards for South African clients:

Book a Half-Day Solo Intensive Session

To book your Solo Intensive Session, please send an email to Shannon’s manager Charlotte:

(Solo Intensive sessions are usually in Joburg, but if you need Shannon to travel to you, add on the travel and accommodation costs, and we will make a plan.)

Address for Solo Intensive session:

Resolution Circle Towers, 2nd floor. Corner Barry Hertzog and Empire Road, Milpark, Johannesburg. Free and safe parking at entrance 2 on Napier Road just before the overpass.

Business Incubator, Second Floor, Resolution Circle Towers

This is the link for the directions.,28.0161295,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x1e950bf554663c5f:0xe10c2afa14a18834!8m2!3d-26.1825249!4d28.0183182


Shannon always starts on time, so if you arrive late, your session will be shorter.

For the half-day Solo Intensive session, we will send you a list of 100 suggested questions covering the main areas of life. You may choose to use this list or create your own questions, as long as they are about yourself and from your own perspective.Email us if you are not sure about how to create your list.

You will also receive a full Reiki treatment (seated, with clothes on) to maximize your personal energy.  You can bring a list of physical symptoms that you’ve been experiencing, too.

Bonus: Once you’re at the VIP or Solo Intensive level, you don’t have to wait 12 months for your next session. Just get in touch when you’re ready for your next one, and we’ll book you in.



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