Personal Call


Answer your ten most important personal and professional questions in less than an hour!

“This session changed my life!”

“I feel lighter and clearer, like the burdens have been lifted off my shoulders!”

“That was actually the best money I have ever spent in my life! It saved me millions!”


– What can I expect from a session with Shannon? –

  • Detailed, personal answers to your 10 most challenging questions
  • Contact with your Guides, plus advice on how to grow that contact into an ongoing dialogue
  • Specific advice that makes sense to you, with details nobody else knows

Payments are in US dollars only. Here is the link to pay US $175 via credit card:

Or, you could use this secure PayPal link: PayPal.Me/ShannonWalbran/175

Email with proof of payment. Then you’ll receive a link where you can choose your own date + time and book yourself in.

– More About the Sessions –

  1. Shannon primarily does telephone readings, VIP sessions, solo intensives, and live events. They are by phone, with a strong preference for a landline or fixed phone. She will phone you if it is a South African Telkom, US, or Canadian landline. If you are in another country, you can arrange to phone her on the office landline.
  2. Write a list of ten questions for your Guides. Save it to read out loud on the phone. The questions are about yourself (“Should I take this new job, and why?”). By continuing, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions outlined in the FAQs.