Shannon on Radio

Spirit Guide interpreter Shannon Walbran, known as “South Africa’s top psychic,” appears regularly on the radio and TV.

You can call in with one question for your Guides and receive free, immediate answers to your most challenging problem.  You don’t have to give away any background information, just ask the question – your Guides know who you are!

Metro FM: currently running monthly – first Wednesday

On the first Wednesday of every month, at 6 am South African time, Shannon is a regular guest on the First Avenue program on Metro FM with Unathi, Glen, and Melanie.  You can call through (from South Africa) on: 089 110 3377. Over the course of the hour, Shannon takes about 12 callers with questions.

Other Radio and TV shows: PowerFM, Radio 2000, and more…

Other shows will be announced on Twitter @shannonwalbran and Facebook as there’s usually a very short lead time before the programs.

Radio Today: “Angels on Air” 2008-2016

Shannon has handed over “Angels on Air” to Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi and Spirit Medium Cindy Kruger. On Thursdays at 11 am South African time, listen live by going to . Call in on +27 11 880 5839. This program is one hour long.

Check here for all archived podcasts of “Angels on Air”!