Happy New Year of the Pig!

What good luck will the Pig bring you, and how can you leverage it?

The Chinese believe the Pig is good for abundance and wealth – fantastic!

But the negatives are laziness, sloth, and greediness. No!

With the rise of Marie Kondo and her minimalism techniques, let’s look at how the Pig can help you in 2019:

The Wise Pig says: You can have anything, as long as it’s truly useful.

Questions to ask yourself:

Do I NEED another jacket, or do I have three jackets that fit me already? Check if it’s a need versus a want. In 2019, go with only “needs.”

Why am I tempted to buy this? Am I feeling lonely or under-appreciated?

The Wise Pig says: What you measure, you treasure.

Are you not sure what you’re eating, and why you’re gaining weight? Keep a food diary starting NOW.

Are you not sure why your expenses are greater than your income? Spreadsheet, free on Google Sheets. Now!

The Wise Pig says: Pleasure is not happiness.

Ice cream tastes good in the moment, but if you feel sick later, was it worth it?

Sex is amazing, but if you feel terribly guilty afterwards because you don’t even really like the person – hmmm.

Happiness is the by-product of “being of service and doing the next right thing.” Check to see if what you’re about to do is for pleasure or happiness.

What are you learning from the Wise Pig?

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2019 is about discernment, clearing the way for the year 2020, which, like the clear sight of 20/20 vision, means “no obstacles!” So what can you eliminate, and what actually does “spark joy?”

If you’d like me to translate your angelic messages for you, I am ready!

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