Do you need psychic protection?

Do you sometimes get a bad feeling when you walk into a certain room at work or school? After a colleague speaks to you, do you want to wash your hands? Do you ever cross the road when you see someone walking toward you? Do you leave a party feeling worse than when you walked in?

You might need to build up your psychic protection.

Psychic protection means to raise your vibration and surround yourself with energy so that nobody can penetrate your shield or affect you negatively.

Here are three ways I create visualizations – see which one works for you!

1. The Golden Screen

What to do: Imagine yourself surrounded by a golden screen, with holes through it so you can see and breathe. Only good can come through the screen, the bad gets filtered out.

What happens next: I feel calm and happy.

When to do it: when I see news headlines, when people start complaining, or when I pass by people having an argument in the street, or a parent shouting at a child.


Use the golden screen when you feel unsafe.

2. The Mirror Ball

With a mirror ball around you, you become invisible. People just see their own reflection, so they pass right by you.

What happens next: I get out of the situation as fast as possible, without making eye contact, and usually people ignore me

When to do it: when you accidentally find yourself in an unsafe place you shouldn’t be

Photo by Dayne Topkin | Unsplash

Use the mirror ball when you want to become invisible.

3. The Light Bubble

What to do: Inside the light bubble, the air is super-charged with positive energy. It’s infused with beautiful smells and clean, pure oxygen.

What happens next: I feel lighter and more powerful! I think, “I can do this!”

When to use it: when people say “it’s impossible,” when I feel overwhelmed by litter/graffiti, when I hit a mid-afternoon slump

Photo by Daniel Hansen | Unsplash

Use the light bubble when you need to cheer up and energize yourself.

Which of these psychic protection visualizations will work best for you? Try them all and see!

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