? I had a great conversation with a young girl recently who wanted to know more about “psychic stuff.”

A pretty smart kid, she proposed: “So if you get a psychic message to go buy a purple sweater, and you buy the sweater, then maybe the next day you’ll find out you can ONLY get into an event or win a prize or something if you are wearing a purple sweater!”
Sometimes we get little messages.
We might even think the message is lame, or naff, or unimportant, or “whatevs.”
But what if it’s the key to something that’s going to happen the next day, something we can’t even anticipate or foretell at that moment?
This has happened to me. Has it happened to you? (I’d love to hear the story!)
If you hear, “Buy the purple sweater,” then yeah, buy the purple sweater. And then see what happens!
I love talking to kids about things like this, their minds are so open and fresh. ❤️

{photo by Shanna Camilleri via Unsplash}

In my free Facebook group called “Shannon Walbran Psychic Group,” I posted the purple sweater story and asked the members if a similar situation had ever happened to them. Two members told their stories and kindly agreed to allow me to re-publish them here in the newsletter, WITH their names (thank you!!):

Cindy Buthelezi Dibete

“Mine was a biggish one, I got wrongfully charged with fraud for a client’s unpaid taxes. The charges were criminal in nature and scary. I had to appoint a lawyer and my insurance needed me to go through it and they would re-imburse if not found guilty. I was so sad and angry and felt defeated. I was guided to make a loan from my EX; which is wayyyyy out of my way of being. Moreover I had the cash. I did and he was grateful to help and reopened the communication lines between us. Three months later we were back together and I had a ring on my finger; Promise ring but equally gratifying.”

Palesa Fikamva

“I was supposed to be baptized from my new church tomorrow,so for the whole week leading to that ur supposed to fast n not eat meat or drink alcohol,so I didnt knw those rules,i cooked red meat n before I could eat it,my guides told me I shudnt eat it so I ignored bcos they have bn banning me from eating so many things lately,after eating I felt like there ws a tsunami in my tummy n everything I ate got drained,for 30 minutes non stop(hope u get my point nt to be exact)so I asked my cousin if she had the same problem like mine n she said no,the next day I asked this lady I attend church wit bout what happend n she confirmed that I was nt supposed to eat that meat untill we got baptized,so I postponed the whole baptizim ceremony untill I know ALL the rules.moral of my story again DO NOT IGNORE THE MESSAGES ul pay Dearly!”

And what about you? Have you followed your guidance in something small, only to find out it was actually something big?

Keep in touch and be sure to tell me about the messages you’ve had!!

PS When I sent this post out in my newsletter, people wrote back and asked, “Must I really buy a purple sweater? It’s hot right now!” and so I just want to tell you: it’s a story. It’s a metaphor. It means, “Listen to your guidance, even if it seems small or unimportant. It could be the key to the next big thing!”

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