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Re-opening services in February 2021

Update: 15 November 2020

I am healthy; I’m hoping you and your family are, too.

Currently, I’m in lockdown, as is much of the world. The place I’m staying doesn’t have a phone or great wi-fi.

I’m opening up a waitlist for membership in my Seekers daily coaching groups, where you get one question per day in the company of wonderful people worldwide. 

Memberships start at US$500 per month. 

Please email to join.

Stay safe and stay home! Xoxo


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*Radio Shows*

I am a frequent guest on radio shows and podcasts worldwide! 

On live, call-in programs, I answer your questions with quick, accurate, helpful angelic advice.

On podcasts, I teach ways to help you tune in to your own divine guidance.

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About Shannon

As a Spirit Guide interpreter I bring messages from angels and Spirit Guides to clients around the world. Sensitive and spiritual since childhood, I received my gift in 2003.

I now share these messages with people via individual readings, spiritual mentorship, radio, and TV.

My mission is to draw people closer to God, help them receive divine guidance, and live their best lives. I look forward to helping you find your answers!

Read more about me and my mission …

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Guided! is my spiritual autobiography.

I describe the colorful, challenging and (at times) amusing life path I traveled to uncover my gifts as a Spirit Guide interpreter.

I use practical case studies to demonstrate how YOU can receive your own answers.

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Shannon is insightful and perceptive

Shannon unerringly tapped into the very predicaments I found myself in and spoke simply and directly to my situation in a way that felt profoundly insightful and perceptive. A week later, I’m still mulling over the messages she has passed on to me and finding that they continue to make sense in ever deeper ways.

Shannon’s Seeker Sisters group has made me centered and focused!

I feel centered, focused, calm. I feel like I’m on the right path.
This forum you offer us is priceless. I feel so blessed to be part of this group. Thank you, Shannon!

Shannon’s Seekers coaching group is a divine experience!

I’m a member of Shannon’s Seekers coaching group. How divine this experience is! We get to ask our angels for clear and conscious communication. We get to connect to our Spirit Guides. This has just blown my mind away. We are all infinitely and unconditionally blessed!

Shannon brings a mystical and real element…

Never could I have imagined that a single question would clarify such deep complexities and answer questions I didn’t know how to ask. My mouth is gaping open right now. What a connection. Wow!

Trouble Dolls as God’s Little Helpers

Trouble Dolls as God’s Little Helpers

When I was a child, one of my favorite possessions was a small, round, wooden box with a handful of dolls the size of matchsticks.  They had been handmade in the country of Guatemala, in Central America. They were called "Trouble Dolls." The idea was to take out each...

He said, “My Guides don’t talk to me.” Do yours?

He said, “My Guides don’t talk to me.” Do yours?

In Shannon Walbran Psychic School, my free group on Facebook, I recently asked: "Good morning, psychics! Have you seen / heard / felt any signs yet today?" A member answered, "Nope." I followed up and asked him, "OK, what are your top ten signs that your Guides are...

5 Types of Mood Magic Type Tea I Drink, And Why

5 Types of Mood Magic Type Tea I Drink, And Why

Are you feeling out of sorts, cranky, and cross? When my world looks grey and gloomy, here are 5 herbal teas I sip. They work great for me to shift me into a better space. Of course, check with your doctor to make sure these are safe for you.  Wormwood When I burst...

Five Ways to Be Un-Mess-Able With

Five Ways to Be Un-Mess-Able With

Do you envy Wonder Woman for her powerful wrist-shields and her Invisible Airplane? Here are five ways you can block evil and, like Wonder Woman, become Un-Mess-Able With. 1. Step Away from the Vampire As soon as you notice someone in your immediate vicinity is taking...