To book, email with proof of payment. Then you’ll receive a link where you can choose your own date and time and book yourself in.


This is Charlotte, Shannon’s manager. Thanks so much finding out about the “classic” 10-question landline phone session!

Who is Shannon Walbran?

Shannon Walbran is a Spirit Guide interpreter, known worldwide as a top psychic, spiritual mentor, author, and radio presenter.

She brings you direct and specific messages in order to help you live a better life

After a session with Shannon, people say, “That solved all my problems, and so quickly!” as well as, “I feel much better: more guided, clearer, and filled with faith.”

How are sessions done?

In a session, you ask your ten toughest personal and professional questions.

Shannon gives you answers straight from your angels. Detailed, personalized, helpful answers. This is advice that, if you take it, will probably change your life.

Shannon is only able to serve her clients through her voice, and sound quality is very important.

Landline phones are preferred. 

Skype and Zoom are also available.

How do I pay for a ten-question landline session?

The February 2020 special 

For the ten question landline phone session, here is the link to schedule yourself and pay US $87 via credit card:

Or, you could use this secure PayPal link: PayPal.Me/ShannonWalbran/87

South African clients can pay using an EFT, and then we’ll need to schedule you manually.

For February 2020 only, the amount in rands is R1249. After February 2020, EFTs will be discontinued.

Account name: Shannon Walbran
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: 250655
Account Number: 62581965129
Reference: your name (“Thandeka Mkhize”)

What are the next steps?

After making the payment, please send proof of payment to and I’ll send you the link for you to choose your own date/time and book yourself in.

In order to compose the best 10 questions possible, please look at this free eBook, where Shannon has compiled the most effective questions from her years on radio:

By continuing, you are agreeing to Shannon’s terms and conditions as outlined on her Frequently Asked Questions page, which will also help you compose your questions, so please do take a look!

The main points of the terms and conditions are:

  • We have a “no refund” policy. We only re-schedule once, and that’s with a full 24 hours’ notice.
  • The responsibility to be at a clear and working phone is on you; if Shannon can’t hear you or the phone line goes dead, the session is over.
  • The questions must be written out, and the questions must be about you. “Will they give me the job?” is a question about “they” not about “you.” Check the ebook above to get the best sample questions.

If you have any questions about the process and the scheduling procedures during the booking, please do feel free to drop me a line so I can help.

Love and light,

Charlotte the manager,

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