1 minute mindfulness2There are only¬†three steps, and I’ll present a video at the end to show you how I do it.

Step One: Breathe onto your hand

Put your hand under your nose and exhale air onto it. Guess the temperature of your breath: either give it a number in degrees (28 Celsius?) or on a scale of 1-10 (it’s a 7?). Accuracy is not important here! Now you can put your hand down.

Step Two: Listen for sounds

Closing your eyes, turn on your ears and listen to whatever sounds you can hear right now: traffic, silence, birds, kids, neighbors, the fan, whatever. Just listen to those sounds for five to ten seconds.

Step Three: Breathe on your hand again

Put your hand under your nose and exhale your breath onto it again. For the next question, ALL answers are right: did the temperature change? Maybe it went up, maybe it went down, maybe it stayed the same. Anything is OK, as long as you notice it!

Result: You feel calmer.

Why? Because you took your busy, thinking mind off of your challenges for a minute. You let go of solving the problems, and you came back into the real world, the world of senses and sounds. You came back into the NOW.

Why bother? Because people who are mindful are healthier, happier, sleep better, and keep their temper in difficult situations ( #AskMeHowIKnow ? ).

Email me (just hit reply) after you try this mindfulness once, and let me know how you feel!

Click here to watch the one minute video on YouTube!

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Wishing you peace and serenity on your mindfulness journey!



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